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Bobby Rox the Track Phonte Talks Back ((((EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)))

Maaaaaaaan let me tell you how DOPE this album is! When Phonte Coleman talks, raps, sings...we all listen! From start to finish Phonte delivers excellence on his sophomore solo album and he actually narrates each track and gives you an inside scoop of how each track came to life. Press play and share with a fellow music lover! -Bobby Rox 


Monday Music Mix + Good News + Weekend Recap May 21

This Monday's broadcast is packed with fun and music including an amazing mix by DJ Marco Ward + good news and laughter featuring hot topics: Laurel vs Yanny, The NBA playoffs, NHL Playoffs (same ole Washington Caps?), The Royal Wedding, Monsoon in the Washington DC Metro Region this past weekend and this week lol. Take a listen. Press play below. Happy Monday! 



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