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I am puzzled by many peoples thought process on my TL (timeline). I need people to do better in being able to see the big picture of things and not throw someone away becasue you do not agree with 100% of what they are saying or doing. Let me drop my two cents (sense) on the good, bad and indifferent commentary by some folks on social media who do much of nothing besides post comments but do not get in the game like Jay Z, Ray Lewis, Dr Umar Johnson and Colin Kaepernick has wonderfully done.

I respect all four of these men as they have individually moved us forward in some sort of fantastic capacity. What bothers me is the common person who is overly engaged in social media from their comfy couch or cushy job who want these men to risk their name and livelihood (FOR THE CAUSE). These very same people that want the celebs to do it ALL are doing much of NOTHING to support the aforementioned men or movement. "They are just benefiting off of current times and the black struggle " is what hear in reference to Jay Z's latest album 4:44 and the forthcoming Black Panther movie (scheduled to be released in 2018). We fuss when we are not included in projects (on and off camera) in Hollywood. We complain when we say there is not enough artist creating positive music on the radio! (Side Note) Let me give credit where credit is will not find one melinated person that doesn't agree that Queen Sugar is amazing and The New Edition Story was incredible! 

There are many ways to tackle the issues we are experiencing as a race and all of these men have very valid points and solutions (INCLUDING RAY LEWIS), but everyday people want the celebrities to solve matters the way they see fit. I am trying to figure out who made these people experts and authorities on how to handle these matters? SMH. Lets not get caught up with the effect of media commentary but stay focused on the root cause and whats happening to your people financially, physically and mentally.  We ALL have an allegiance to champion the cause of civil rights. If you are still waiting for someone else to move things forward and think that posting on social media is enough then you may be more apart of the problem than the solution. 

From the commentary I have recently heard from what is to be considered intelligent, middle class black people, I have arrived at the conclusion that whatever end of the spectrum these celebrities supposedly sit on (as Umar and Ray are supposedly two polar opposites right?)...people will find a way to tear you down or find a fault (be it factual or fake news). They would rather discredit you than join you to move things forward. If the good you do outweighs the bad and you are not breaking the law, abusing people or the system then what is the problem?

Colin is still unable to play QB in the NFL despite folks posting on Social Media. Are you willing to risk your job for the movement?  In the event that you lose your job and no one else is willing to hire you, would you want more support than people posting about you? What does this mean? It means that posting is simply not enough. Money is they key. You have to invest your money. If you do not have money to invest you must invest your time. If you honestly cannot do either of the two then I guess you can post. Be know full well you have the money and/or time to invest on a continual basis. Some of us simply do not want to.  

Some folks are saying they will not watch or support the NFL if he is not signed.  I am not holding my breath. Our people have so many different views and run in so many misinformed circles...I believe it would be nearly impossible to get enough people to make a deep financial impact that would cause the NFL to shift their stance. Its time for people to take person responsibility as to why things are the way that they are. Yes celebrities have a bigger platform than the common person but its not their job to invest all of their money and livelihood for your benefit....they are simply laying a foundation for us to build a solid house on.  


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